Cap Nuts for connector bolts

Product Details

Dome Nuts or Acorn Nuts come in two styles, one piece and two piece. A one piece Done Nut is made from a solid piece of stainless steel.  The 2-piece Dome Nut is made from 2 pieces of Stainless fused together.  The 2 piece Dome Nuts is the best looking option with a lower overall profile and made to a high-polish finish.  The 1 piece Dome Nut is made to the Din 1587 standard and is more economical.

Cap nuts are hex nuts with a dome top that resembles an acorn nut or crown.cap nuts are also known as:  acorn nuts, crown nuts, dome nuts, hex cap nuts.  Used alone or as a cap for a hex or jam nut, cap nuts serve a decorative purpose by concealing the threaded end of a fastener or acting as a cover for protruding, They also come in both 316 (also known as A4) and 304 (also known as A2 or 18-8) grades with different tensile strength options.