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Modern anchors made of cast or wrought steel, there are four main types of

① anchor: anchor and the anchor is usually as a whole, and there is a bar perpendicular to the anchor fluke plane. Rod bolt for claws, some single claw. When using a claw snapping into the deeper, holding power, but because of the bar, collections of inconvenience, and more for small craft. There are anchor main types of Admiralty anchor (Figure 1), claws (Figure 2) Foshan anchor, anchor, etc.

② anchor: anchor and the anchor relative rotation angle, no bar. When using two anchor claw snapping at people, anchors and convenient collection, the most widely used. Typical of anchor hole anchor (Figure 3) and modified Spek anchor.

③ grip anchor: anchor claw large, rotating angle, anchor or anchor claw protruding bolt in the Middle, stability. Anchor claw snapping soil area, grip, used in sandy or soft bottom. High holding power anchors main types of Danforth anchor, Markov claw anchors, boat anchors, etc.

④ Special anchor: shape different from other anchors, such as mushroom anchor, anchor in a bacterium or umbrella, snapping into the deep grip, easy to move, much used for long term mooring buoy, positioning, such as light vessels, pontoons, barges and other fixed anchors.