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Hex Bolts Hexagon Bolt High Quality Thread Fastening R & D And Production

 Hex Bolts Hexagon bolt hardware as a supplier of stainless steel brazier, is a commitment to high-quality thread fastening product development and production enterprises, to revitalize the cause of national screw responsibility, relying on strict quality management system, and forge ahead in the spirit of Become a supplier of high quality thread fastening products.

  Hex Bolts Relying on the company in the field of industry for many years supporting the fastener and service experience in the industrial fasteners expertise has accumulated unique expertise to meet the smooth supply of conventional products at the same time and can meet your special technical requirements and product needs for You provide a professional fastening connection solution, in order to ensure the successful operation of your project and continue to operate.

  Hardware has a well-trained team ready to assist you in product design, selection and production. For the deeper and greater competitiveness, while subdividing the market, and the organization of professional departments to provide you with your needs of products, satisfied with the service

  Hex Bolts The company's products are all advanced equipment production, raw materials from the famous steel plant Baoshan Iron and Steel, Dalian Iron and Steel Plant, Taiyuan Iron and Steel Plant or import SUS302, SUS304, SUS316, 316L, dual-phase steel, titanium steel and other high-quality stainless steel raw materials, Upset or hot processing, with high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature and durable good characteristics. Products are widely used in machinery and equipment, hexagonal bolts power, steel, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, machine tools, textiles, automobiles, motors, precision instruments, mining machinery, construction machinery, engineering machinery, railway and other fields.

   Since the establishment of the factory since 1992, the company has continuously expanded the stainless steel screw products business, successively with Siemens high pressure, general medical, Had door, ABB, one hundred fifty-eight factory, Cooper Edison, Pamir, Rongsheng Machinery, Feida Group, Dell Precision Machinery, and so on the world's five hundred well-known enterprises to cooperate and establish a good partnership.

   In response to market demand, the Group in 2009 in the Yangtze River Delta core hinterland --- Jiangsu Wuxi set up marketing center, the establishment of modern warehousing center, and enrich the huge inventory (more than 1,000 kinds of more than forty thousand stainless steel specifications). In the growing trade, scientific and technological innovation today, the company will be in a highly efficient, service and innovation purposes, "exhibition from the demand, innovation and create the future" business philosophy to continue to customer service community!

   Is a professional sales of standard parts manufacturers. Sales network all over the country, and with a number of well-known enterprises, metallurgical companies, steel companies, power plants, China Metallurgical Group, China Construction Group has long-term business

   Hex Bolts Mussels rely on first-class equipment, professional technical team, good governance, pioneering and innovative, adhere to the national standards as a guide to customer demand as the basis, sales of high-quality products.

The main business scope of the company: bolts 4.8,8.8,10.9,12.9 level, steel bolts, high-speed rail bolts, expansion bolts, anchor bolts, drilling tail wire, construction accessories, glass curtain wall accessories.

Products are widely used: high-rise, rail, lifting, steel, power plants, ports, metallurgical and other fields.

The Company will provide you with sincere service, welcomed the new and old customers inquiries, visit, to discuss cooperation!