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Screws Using

1. clear the broken screw breakage surface sludge section Center punch die with a Center punch and drill packed diameters 6-8 mm drill bit in the section on Center punch hole place drill, note the hole must be drilled through. After the holes drilled through and the small drill bit is taken off and put on 16 mm diameter bit, broken bolt holes will continue to be expanded and to drill through.

2. take diameter 3.2 mm following of electrode used small current in broken bolt of drilling within by in to outside for heap welding heap welding began of parts take broken bolt whole length of half can. began heap welding Shi introduction arc don't had long so as not to will broken bolt outside wall burn wear. heap welding to broken bolt top surface Hou again continues to heap welding out 1 a diameter 14-16 mm high 8-10 mm of cylindrical body.