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Square Head Bolts Square Head Bolt Gravity To Create A High Quality Products

Square head bolt heavily to hire more than a high level of outstanding technicians, professional management personnel and craftsmen, and strive to create high-quality products. Our staff is willing to each member of each customer to provide high-quality services and work hard, in the product "quality first" persistent pursuit and integrity of each customer attitude, enthusiasm and hope that customers work together at home and abroad.

Square head bolts company mainly produces high strength bolts, special-shaped bolts, coal bolts, high-strength fine deduction bolts, square head bolt drilling four bolts, goose silk, fish tail wire, bucket wire, ingot wire, anchor bolts Head bolts, U-wire, single-head bolts, hexagonal bolts, square head bolts, carriage bolt, the first bolt, through the wall, Mao bolt, and other customized products of all kinds of special products, all factory direct. In recent years, I continue to grow and develop Division I, re credibility, Shou contract, by the new and old customers praise.

Our company has always standardized management, careful management, adhere to the quality of survival, depending on the user for God, strict quality control, quality to capture the market and improve efficiency.

Square head bolts are high-strength fastening connector manufacturers, since its inception uphold the "commitment to be your satisfaction partner" business philosophy, to create a quality and heavy service "Yuan US" brand, headquartered in Hebei Province Handan Yongnian standard Industrial Park. Square head bolt now has a mature technology of fastener production equipment and complete product testing equipment. Has an experienced R & D team and high-quality management personnel and spacious production environment, petroleum, chemical, machinery, pipe connections and other areas of fasteners used professional suppliers. Square head bolts company's main products include: high-strength double-headed bolts, high-strength hexagonal bolts, high-strength full-threaded bolts and other high-strength high-pressure fasteners equipment. The company's products through the international quality management system ISO9001: 2008 system certification, and the establishment of a comprehensive controllable brand operation and management system.

Companies with strong technical strength from the establishment of the steady development since the frontal head bolts growing, and brought together a large number of determined to make progress and on behalf of the industry a high level of management, scientific research elite. They for the company's technology, management provides a strong support, but also quickly promote the company's development process in the industry. As a technology-based enterprise, both from hardware and software, square head bolts companies are doing their own tireless efforts to constantly improve and make it increasingly international.

From the moment of production from the moment, the United States and the United States in the use of technology, manufacturing, service language, to inject the wisdom of the bolt, that is, follow the quality of technology, more technical quality creators, and strive to develop high value Products, and continuously improve the technical level of the product. Because we know that the value of the bolt is to allow customers to enjoy the reliable, enjoy the quality, enjoy a solid, enjoy the achievements. So the United States and the United States in the absorption of international and domestic counterparts at the same time, more reliable, stable, high to far. Square head bolts by virtue of the strong advantages of the product in the field of fastening the rapid development of connectors, the successful completion of enterprise system management, product quality management, service management integration, square head bolt products are sold to domestic provinces and cities and exported Canada, Southeast Asia, Australia, the Middle East countries and regions, and has been unanimously praised by domestic and foreign customers.