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U-bolts U-shaped Bolts Are U-shaped, So They Are Also Known As U-shaped Screws

U-bolts The company is located in the top 100 counties in the country - Kunshan, Jiangsu. The company is committed to the industrial fasteners of the technical research, sales, production by a number of industry veteran team set up to provide you with the most professional fastening connection solutions. Ready to provide technical support for fasteners for your product design. Product quality, fast delivery, supporting ability, professional knowledge of fasteners to meet your special technical requirements and product needs.

   U-bolts We provide you with the most in line with your needs of the product, the most satisfactory service to the Yangtze River Delta as the basis for radiation throughout the country and foreign markets. Whether you are ordering by phone, fax or e-mail, we will confirm it in writing. For the Yangtze River Delta customers we use door-to-door service. For customers outside the Yangtze River Delta, we generally through the freight or air. For foreign customers we generally through sea or air. Generally we do not have a minimum order quantity; but we are less than 2,000 yuan or less of the goods through the general delivery of goods delivery door.

    The factory production equipment well, strong technical force, all products selected high-quality steel, strict quality control, selling the country and into the international market, welcomed by the majority of customers. The main products: anchor bolts, U-bolt bolts, U-bolts, high-strength fine deduction bolts, T-bolts, high-strength double-headed bolts, steel strip, and so on.

   One, 8.8,10.9,12.9 high-strength fine bolt, T-bolts, high-strength double-headed bolts, ladder buckle bolts, anchor bolts, flange bolts, square head bolts, fine bolt, US, System, T-bolt, hinge hole, square head bolts, studs and so on.

2, petrochemical anchor bolts, chemical anchor bolts, mining foot bolts, pipe anchor bolts, highway billboards anchor bolts, railway anchor bolts, power tower anchor bolts, steel structure plant anchor bolts, oblique Pull the double-headed bolt, high-speed rail connection bolt and so on.

Third, according to the needs of customers build a variety of difficult, high-precision special-shaped pieces. All materials used in the selection of Q235,35 # steel, 45 # steel, 40Cr (chromium), 35CrmoA, Q345B (16 manganese). I plant will be "seeking truth from facts" attitude to "integrity of the quality of the first spot quality of goods delivery in a timely manner" business philosophy, relying on their own fastener professional and technical team, learn from advanced production experience and constant innovation, excellence, for the majority of customers Provide better quality products and services,

  U-bolts The company is specialized in producing and selling u-bolt manufacturers, with advanced production equipment and sophisticated detection equipment and strong technical force, has passed ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system certification, can be customized a variety of U-bolts.

U-shaped bolts are U-shaped, so they are also known as U-shaped screws, U-shaped tube, U-shaped clamp, two threads can be combined with the nut, mainly for fixed pipe such as water pipes or flakes such as cars Plate spring.

Product standards: GB: JB / ZQ4321-1997, German standard: DIN3570, can also be based on customer plans to sample production.

   U-bolts The company's production of [British YH Shanghai] brand fasteners. Bolts. Nuts. China won the high-strength fasteners industry quality products. Products are sold throughout the country, customized all kinds of non-standard special high-strength bolts and nuts 4.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 fasteners, materials complete Q235,35 # .45 #, 40Cr, 35CrMoA, 30CrMo, 42CrMo, 20MnB, Q345B (16 manganese), 25Cr2MoV, and other stainless steel fasteners. Product standard: GB (GB), (HG), (JB) (SH), German standard (ANSI), British standard (BS), Japanese standard (JIS) and international standard (ISO) Customized non-standard fasteners. The company depending on the product quality of life for the enterprise, the contract and keeping promises, warmly welcome friends at home and abroad and friends to Han business negotiations